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Why LED's?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology offers enormous benefits for both on and off the road lighting applications. Because of their long life, durability (no filament to fail), and efficiency (lumens/watt), LED lights provide significant service cost and power consumption savings.

What are Lumens?

Simply put lumens are light output. Luminous Flux is the total “effective” output of a light. Luminous Flux is expressed in Lumens. The larger the lumen count, the greater the output of the light. RazorLED uses High Grade Hybrid Optics along with Cree Brand LED's to produce some of the highest lumen output lights in the industry.

LED vs HID & Halogen


• Significantly cheaper than HID & LED
• Easily damaged
• Prone to failure from vibration
• Higher current draw
• Some units are capable of throwing light over a kilometre ahead

• More energy efficient than Halogen
• 7,000 - 8,000 hour life expectancy
• Lower current draw than Halogen
• Brighter light output than Halogen
• More expensive than Halogen
• Warm up period before it reaches its full light intensity

• Very low current draw
• No warm up period required
• Vibration resistant
• The color spectrum of LED is closer to that of sunlight which reduces eye strain
• LEDs spread a crisp white light enabling excellent peripheral vision
• 50,000+ hour life expectancy
• No need to replace globes