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1 Zone Mini Wireless LED Dimmer RAZ-Q4RF Quattro 4 Zone LED Wireless RF Wall Control
Mini Round Dimmer for 1 zone Quattro 4 Zone LED Wireless RF Wall Control
RAZ-WR96 Wireless Dimming Receiver RAZ-WR240 Wireless Dimming Receiver
RAZ-WR96 Receiver RAZ-WR240 Receiver

Understanding a Zone verses an Area/Location:

In order to know how many receivers and wireless switches you will need to complete your lighting design, let's define "Zones" and "Areas".

An "Area" is a Location were you will be installing your LED lights. Within an "Area" you may have one or more Zones.

For example: If you have a Galley Kitchen that you would like to have under cabinet LED strip lighting on each side that you would like to turn on together without running wire across the ceiling or crawl space, you have (2) two "Areas" and one "Zone". In this scenario you would need two receivers (one for each of the two areas ) that are paired to the same zone, and one wall switch that controls both of those receivers together.

A "Zone" resides in an Area or Location.

For example : If in one (1) Location you have Above Cabinet lighting, In Cabinet lighting, and Under Cabinet lighting, and you want to control each of these independent from the other, you have three "Zones" in one location. In this scenario you would need three receivers and one wireless wall control utilizing three of the four zones on that control. You could however pair all three receivers to the fourth zone button and use that zone as a master on/off for all the zones.

Now let's combine both of the above examples by going back to our Galley Kitchen. On each side of the Galley Kitchen you have Over Cabinet lighting (zone 1), In Cabinet lighting (zone 2), and Under Cabinet lighting (zone 3), giving you 2 Areas (each side of the kitchen) and 3 zones. In this scenario you would need 6 receivers and 1 wall control.